Best Cleaning Products For Your Home

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Best Cleaning Products

Curved Nylon Toilet Bowl Brush

Nylon won't leave scratch marks on your toilet, but it's strong enough to cut through buildup and stains.

Stiff-Bristled Toothbrush

It's the perfect size for tackling grout, and the stiff bristles bring added strength to this teeny cleaning powerhouse.

Best Cleaning Products For Your Home
Best Cleaning Products For Your Home

Loofah Sponge

Morris likes loofah, a biodegradable option for scrubbing stubborn grime. The Twist loofah sponge ( has an unbleached sponge on one side and a natural loofah on the other. Another green pick is the Scotch-Brite Natural Fiber Scrub Sponge

Microfiber Cloths and Terry Towels

Hand-size terry towels are a bacteria-free alternative to sponges. Use wet or dry with a cleansing solution and throw into the wash when dirty. Microfiber cloths are terrific for dusting and polishing, no cleanser required. Method's Window + Glass cloth won't leave streaks behind.

Spray Bottle

Keep one filled with equal parts water and white distilled vinegar—a natural disinfectant—to zap mold and mildew spots before they spread citra indah.


Combat soap scum by wiping down your shower, ideally after each use. The OXO Good Grips squeegee works on tile, glass, and mirror, and features a suction cup for easy shower-side storage

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